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Innovation and data experts on personal mobility, automotive and logistics


What We Offer

Mosaic offers Consulting and IT solutions in the fields of personal mobility, automotive and logistics, with a strong focus on data and all related challenges and opportunities. Through innovation based on deep customer insights, we help you solve some of your most urgent business challenges.


Data Analytics

Combining different data sources to uncover hidden information, combining Big and Small data technology and techniques to a strong expertise of the specific field


Innovation related to data

Expertise on data related issues and opportunities: Data Ownership, Data Security, Privacy by Design, innovative Business Models and trends


Ad hoc SW development

Software development supporting innovation: Android and iPhone Apps, Internet of Things, Preferences and Tracking modules, ad hoc services

Facilitate Innovation across the entities collaborating with MOSAIC, aiming at increasing value, reducing costs and improve service quality while making mobility of people and goods safer and sustainable.

Mobility of people and goods

Mosaic focuses on three concrete fields, being able to combine the technical background of its team with the specific field knowledge gained over years of experience

Personal mobility

Mosaic designs and develop new approaches and technologies to improve people mobility while improving overall security and sustainability of transport solutions. The product MyWay is a clear example, as well as the important activity close to some of the most relevant cases of Mobility as a Servce (MaaS) in Europe.


Contributing on identifying particular needs, challenges and opportunities of future generations of vehicles, particularly focusing on autonomous, connected and electric vehicles.


Contributing to the Physical Internet vision in close collaboration with ALICE (European Technological Platform on logistics), of which the CEO of MOSAIC is vice-chair of the Information Systems for connected logistics working group.

Stefano Persi

Stefano Persi


Josep Freixanet

Josep Freixanet


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José Fernández


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